Friday, 26 April 2013

Škoda 130RS

The Škoda 130RS is a slice of motorsport history. Based on the 110R (produced from 1969-77), the 130RS ('77-'82) stripped away all of the unnecessary weight - although this wasn't a big job, the 110R was hardly lavishly equipped - and stuffed in a 1,228cc motor, offering an impressive 130bhp. The model won the 1977 Monte Carlo rally, took a class win at the 1978 Acropolis, and wears its 'budget 911' tag with pride.
The car you see here is a lightweight competition model, mostly made of aluminium and carbon-fibre, with magnesium wheels. It's got true competition heritage and all the papers to prove, and is for sale here. Feeling flush? It'd be a great way to annoy boy racers at the lights...

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