Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Players mkI G60 Golf

Standing out in the VW scene is tricky these days - there are a lot of fastidious enthusiasts pouring a lot of money into Golfs, Polos, Jettas, and anything else with a VW badge. And while sprucing up a VeeDub used to be about in-your-face bullishness, nowadays it's more about subtlety.
Of course, you could argue that this mkI isn't all that subtle, with the poke and camber of those girthsome Rotiform INDs, and the gleaming rollcage visible from afar. But taken objectively, this is a largely standard-looking (at least, to the untrained eye) old Golf that just so happens to have 260bhp from its supercharged engine, along with a full race-car interior including digi-dash, Cobra Classics and fancy CAE Automotive H-pattern shifter that looks like a sequential unit. So that's all pretty impressive, then.
Subtle details abound, from the Porsche door-handles to the carbon-fibre bumper endcaps, while the engine bay enjoys that flawless smoothness and cleanness that's pretty much essential on the scene today. So all in all, it's the perfect package of retro looks, modern tech, usable grunt, fashion-forward detail, subtle uniqueness, and plenty of stuff to help it stand out in the scene. Nice.
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