Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Pikes Peak 208 T16

And we thought the idea of a 208 GTI was exciting.
Petrolheads across the globe are foaming at the mouth with the juicy news that another iconic name is being resurrected with the 208: T16. Those three little characters represent a rich history of no-compromise Peugeot motorsport, from the brutal 205 T16 Group B rally evolutions to the Paris-Dakar 405 T16, each more terrifying and more purposeful than the last. So the 208 T16 should be something pretty special...
Indeed, the racer has been developed to tackle the prestigious and historic Pikes Peak Hillclimb, and will be driven by none other than nine-times WRC champion Sebastian Loeb. It wears a significantly wider 208 silhouette body, crafted from carbon-fibre, while the interior is an exercise in minimalist motorsport function. The impressive aero package is topped off by the rear wing from the Le Mans-winning Peugeot 908 HDI FAP, which is quite a cool thing to have lying around the parts bin. There's no word yet on what we can expect under the skin in terms of engine, transmission, chassis, suspension or outright power, but we can expect everything to be turned up to eleven. And to reinforce just how magic this whole situation is, once you've scrolled down through the photos (which are all hi-res - click 'em to enlarge), I've embedded the classic 'Climb Dance' video for you - this is one of the iconic motorsport films, showing Ari Vatanen's record-breaking run at the 1988 Pikes Peak in a 405 T16. It'll blow your mind.

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