Thursday, 11 April 2013

A Reasonably Low Rabbit

So, yeah, that's pretty low. Indeed, this is the sort of drop that isn't just achievable by wanging on some shorter shocks and chucking a few bags of cement about the place; what you'll find inside this mk1 diesel Rabbit is a custom air-ride set up, and a whole load of hacking and butchery to the chassis to allow a four-inch body drop. It sits cartoonishly low at full drop - the sort of ride height that makes you wonder if it's actually one of those home-brews you find on a Beetle floorpan - and, in addition to the obvious flexibility of airbags (i.e. being able to raise the car if you need to), you can see from the bottom photo that it's driveable at this height. Which is very impressive indeed.
Equally impressive is the wing-exit exhaust (well, there's no room underneath the car any more, is there?!) and the air tank disguised as a beer keg, as well as the fact that the trusty diesel lump can return 70mpg.
This kind of car isn't for everyone. But if you like it, you'll really like it.
Via Canibeat

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