Thursday, 25 April 2013

'72 911 STR

The living legend that is Magnus Walker - part hobo, part 911 obsessive, self-made millionaire and all-round good guy - is renowned for his extraordinary affection for Stuttgart's rear-engined sweethearts.
The '72 911 you see here, something that Magnus calls 'STR', is his latest completed project. Taking a matching-numbers 911T and combining elements of the S & R to create a magnificiently bastardised hot-rod, it's got a 275bhp short-stroke 3.2 motor, steel Turbo flares, and all manner of custom and historic touches. Truly one of a kind - scroll down for the video in which he takes Jay Leno through it all.
You can keep up with Magnus's shenanigans here. These photos come courtesy of Sean Klingelhoefer.

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