Tuesday, 16 April 2013

1972 Citroën GS Camargue

Citroën's dalliances with Italian design always yield spectacular results - look at the Osée, for example. And what we see here is pretty representative of Citroën's offbeat ethos, Bertone's zeitgeist-capturing creativity, and the 1970s enthusiasm for wedge-shaped, spaceship-like concepts.
The GS Camargue took the groundbreaking GS family car as a starting point, and reworked it into a geometrically peculiar 2+2 coupé; Bertone's designers already had the base car's aircooled boxer engine and hydropneumatic suspension to work with for their first collaboration with the French carmaker, so it wasn't too hard to accelerate the weirdness into the Camargue. They gave it a huge glasshouse, a razor-sharp nose and a gloriously brown-and-cream interior, then took some photos with a slightly demented woman standing next to it. Marvellous.
Pics via carstyling.ru

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