Saturday, 30 March 2013

Wheels Day 2013

Wheels Day is so often characterised by the weather, isn't it? In 2011 the show was bathed in glorious summery sunshine, but for the three or four years prior to that it was an absolute washout, the heavy rains turning the Rushmoor Arena into a mud bath. So with widespread snow in the weeks leading up to Wheels Day 2013, there was a lot of concerned chatter circulating - would conditions be treacherous? Would the show even happen...?
As luck would have it, the rain and snow retreated and the sun came out - as did hundreds upon hundreds of cars and thousands of enthusiasts. Sure, it was bitterly cold at times, but the warming sunshine kept peeping through.

And the cars? Well, if you've ever been to the show before, you'll know how overwhelming and diverse it is. If you haven't... I'll let the pictures do the talking. From the narrowed VW camper to the fabled Henry Hirise, the Saxo VTS-powered Panhard to the mkI Golf on the aircooled Beetle floorpan, there was innovation and intrigue in spades. You can see the full set of photos here.

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