Monday, 18 March 2013

Two '67 Chevrolets

A magical little duo here from Canibeat. Firstly, a 1967 Camaro RS; I've always had a soft-spot for these early Camaros since I built my first model kit at around six years old, a '69 Z/28. So this really works for me - the rally spots behind the grille, the nu-school wheels, the flawless engine bay... sublime.
The second car is interesting in just how different it is: it's another Chevrolet, it's also from 1967, it's also a two-door coupe with a shouty V8... yet side-by-side they're world's apart. The Chevelle Malibu is angular where the Camaro is curvaceous, and goes about the business of going fast in an altogether more understated fashion.
Honestly, it's hard to choose between them. Which would you prefer...?

See Canibeat for more.

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