Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Postmodern Volksrod Golf

OK, it's not a Volksrod, obviously - so what is it? Well, what we find here is a modern interpretation of that old-school, anti-establishment thinking; a ubiquitous, mainstream car that's been made unique by the judicious application of one-off mods and a general sense of beaten-up-ness and delapidation. Witness the fusion of rust and monochrome camouflage; the front and rear doors welded together to form a pair of huge, long doors; the side-hinged tailgate with hillbilly fastenings bolted on; the extended steering column and pedals to seat the driver way back in the car. There's a nod to the modern stance scene with its low-slung ride-height over Porsche teledial rims, while rat-rod touches such as the wire-mesh roof and vintage steering wheel tip a hat to the old aircooled scene.
On the whole, an innovative and interesting build; 95% of people will probably immediately dismiss it as worthless and frivolous, but I just love the fact that people are building cars that are postmodern, peculiar and deliberately jarring. More of this kind of thing, I say.
From Street Cover, via EmDee

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