Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Lamborghini Veneno

Lamborghini know how to celebrate. This year is the company's half-century, so what were we expecting - a special edition Aventador, perhaps? No, they've given us a WHOLE NEW MODEL. Yeah, you're right to be dumbly gaping like that.

OK, so it's not actually a new model, it's based on the Aventador... but its styling is a world apart from the base car. Lamborghini are going to be building three of them (all of which have been presold, as is so often the way), elevating them to the legendary status of the obscure Reventón and Sesto Elemento. The buyers are forking out three million Euros apiece, for which they'll receive a 50bhp boost over the standard Aventador figure, a top speed increase to 221mph, and the kind of kudos that'll put them on the Pebble Beach gravy train for life.
The three customer cars will be built later this year. The one you see here is Lamborghini's test bed, wearing plaque number 0. Well, they had to unveil something at Geneva to take some of the wind out of Mclaren's and Ferrari's sails, didn't they?

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