Thursday, 7 March 2013

Junkie 21011

It's safe to say that the days of mirth at the mention of the Lada name are largely behind us; they've taken on a retro chic all of their own, in the same kind of escape-from-Soviet-forces vein as East Germany's Trabant. They're basically classic Fiats without the propensity to dissolve, thanks to their inch-thick Russian steel and general Steppe-munching hardiness., as with much of the global retro scene, stance pervades. The Lada we see here, a 21011, is clean, smooth and shiny, and sits low and squat over a set of polished split-rim Minilite-alikes. The 21011 was superior to its 2101 stablemate, in that it had a racy 63bhp from its 1.3-litre engine (rather than 58bhp from a 1.2), as well as having a slightly nicer cabin. You can recognise a 21011 by those four oval holes above the front bumper, fact fans...
This Lada, nicknamed 'Junkie', has enjoyed the pampering that such a luxurious variant commands. Most of the body panels have been renewed to ensure arrow-straightness, the exterior chrome has been obsessively buffed, while within reside an Italian-spec dash and custom bucket seats. It's got a BMW E21 subframe at the back - you may have noticed the camber on the rear wheels, something that would otherwise be hard to engineer on a Lada - and the ride is taken care of by custom coilovers. Pretty special, huh?
Via Stanceworks

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