Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Goodwood - '72 Escort

By far my favourite car of March 2013's Goodwood Breakfast Club - and there was some stiff competition - was this sublime mkI Escort.
Freshly-restored and flawless, it was being proudly displayed by its owner who was fielding questions all morning about the work that had been carried out. Various traditions have been observed - the bubble arches, the Superlights, the rally stance - as well as featuring a number of competition modifications, ranging from the fuel cell in the boot to the polycarbonate windows. The shell has been extensively drilled for lightness (and just look how neat and well-aligned the drilling is - obsessive stuff, this), and the interior features RS seats that look factory-fresh, as well as the obligatory three-spoke wheel and six-dial dash.
What was drawing most attention, however, was what resided under the bonnet. No turbo'd YB here... just a clean, humble Pinto on a single carb. Old-school.
Escort of the year? It's got to be up there. Expect to see it on a magazine stand near you soon, probably.


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