Friday, 1 March 2013

Fesler Riviera

Sometimes custom cars look so perfect, they look Photoshopped. It's hard to believe they can actually exist in the metal. And this is one of those cars...
Built by Fesler of Scottsdale, Arizona, it's a 1964 Buick Riviera running on airbags, with a Corvette LS1 V8 under the bonnet. But that quick-fire description does no justice to the staggering level of detail in this car - from the chopped tail-lights to the ├╝ber-futuristic digital gauges, the whole car is a riot of carefully considered ideas. Those Centreline-inspired wheels are 20" split-rims, and the seats are luxuriously trimmed in leather and suede. And take another look at those gauges...! Jaw-dropping stuff.
This won't be to all tastes by any means, but it's probably mean enough not to care...
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