Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Ferrari 512/BB

The BB (Berlinetta Boxer) cars of 1973-84 were a real watershed for Ferrari. Enzo had always belligerently maintained that selling mid-engined road cars to the ham-fisted public was asking for trouble, that it'd be too much to handle for non-race drivers. It took ages for the willing and eager engineers to convince him otherwise, but eventually a variety of V6- and V8-powered models began to bleed through. And, as the 365 GTB/4 'Daytona's 1973 replacement, the 365 GT4/BB arrived sporting a centrally-mounted flat-twelve - the first mid-engined Ferrari road car to pack the full dozen.
In 1976, the 365 morphed into the 512, resurrecting the name of a historic racer and enlarging the V12 to 4942cc. With its NACA ducts, dry-sump lubrication and dual-plate clutch, it was very much a plushly-trimmed race car for the road, offering 340bhp and oodles of style.
Just 929 of these original carburettor-equipped cars were built, being replaced by the fuel-injected BBi in 1981. So the car you see here is a pretty rare beast. Perhaps if your lottery numbers come up this week, you'd like to click here and take a look...?

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