Monday, 18 March 2013

Brutal Starlet

The hook of the Toyota Starlet is that it can operate as a magnificent stealth weapon: being a lightweight, rear-wheel drive hatchback, it's easily possible to shoehorn in a big-power motor (a Cosworth YB, say, or some sort of high-revving bike engine) and create a car whose performance belies its humble looks. But one might argue that building one that looks like this one is a whole order of magnitude more impressive...
This KP61 has 225bhp under the bonnet, thanks to a 2.0-litre 3SG with ITBs and the most gorgeous exhaust manifold. But it's the exterior that batters you in the face with its presence - those insanely wide arches, the broad track and squat stance, the very Matchbox-ness of it. And the interior continues the theme, with a fuel cell, TRD buckets and harnesses, and not a whole lot else. Pretty sensational, right?
See Fast Car for more.

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