Thursday, 14 March 2013

'63 Cooper S

There's a gorgeous simplicity to the original Mini Cooper S, from its humble-diameter steels to the pull-cords inside the doors. Building on the success of 1961's Cooper, the 'S' variant of '63 was a homologation special, with period racing regs requiring 2,500 examples of the hot Mini to be unleashed on the roads of Britain.
The Cooper S had bigger disc brakes, stronger wheels and beefier suspension, as well as a steel crank and an overbore to 1,071cc. It had 70bhp and could hit a heady 90mph, which was an attractive proposition for buyers; despite costing £695 (as opposed to £497 for the standard Mini) there were over 4,000 of them sold.
This particular S is rather special, as it was the second one ever to roll off the production line; it's also the oldest survivor, with 731 HOP being long gone. Speedhunters have taken a brilliant in-depth look at the car - you can read all about it here.

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