Thursday, 21 March 2013

500 SEC

The W126 SEC has always struck me as being a remarkably good idea. Take a large, solid, imposing luxury saloon, remove the rear doors, reprofile the roof and voilà - you've got a massive luxury coupé. The massiveness needn't be a barrier to performance, as the heavier S-Class limos provide a plethora of thudding V8s to choose from, while luxurious appointments such as leather, walnut, and electric everything are all a given.
This particular example, on sale at 4Star Classics, appears to be just about as clean and standard as they come. Yes, £14k may seem slightly strong, but look again: it's got a factory-fitted Champagne cooler in the boot! Once you've also factored in the Becker Mexico stereo, LSD, two-tone horn, heated memory seats and, of course, that 5.0-litre V8, it suddenly seems like great value. Thinking of buying a new family car? Would you rather have a diesel Golf, or this...?
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