Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Toyota Picnic GT4

Until now, my entire knowledge of the Toyota Picnic extended to this:
- It was, at launch, the slowest-accelerating new car available to buy in the UK
- My slightly batty Economics teacher had one
...and that was it. But thanks to an intriguing post from Pistonheads, the world is now aware of the Picnic GT4, which is a real thing that exists. Honest.
It's not a ropey home-brew either, but a technical exercise by Toyota GB's Gatwick boffins. It's got a near-200bhp turbocharged twin-cam from a Celica GT4, while the utilitarian interior has been spruced up with a full retrim in Connolly hide. The suspension is lower and stiffer, there's a subtle bodykit, and the 17" Team Dynamics alloys hide beefier brakes. This is, then, perhaps the ultimate sleeper: a car so anonymous that nobody cares that it exists, and those that have noticed it have sidelined it as a sluggish dullard. Imagine the fun you could have at the traffic lights...
Read all about it here.


Margo McCann said...

I really like this interior! So different from most. I have just begun doing my new car search and I am really liking the Toyotas and I have had such great experiences with my local dealer (
Route 22 Toyota) that I am really interested.

Dorothy S. Berryman said...

nice post