Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Stanced VAZ 2108

The VAZ 2108 (aka Lada Samara) has taken a while to become cool. But cool it most assuredly is... within reason.
The picture above neatly illustrates this. The standard car on the left represents all that was derided and ridiculed in times gone by - agricultural, basic, boxy, comically high suspension. The car on the right demonstrates just how much potential there is in these little Russian hatchbacks: taking a few choice cues from the water-cooled VW scene (and the over-arching stance scene in general) unleashes the hidden coolness within - suddenly that boxiness seems crisp, the basicness appears tastefully minimalist. All of this is achieved, as is so often the case, by taking a sizeable chunk out of the ride height and having a good think about which wheels would suit; in this case, an on-trend set of BBS RM split-rims. The engine bay's been smoothed and wire-tucked too, and best of all... it's a three-door! Racy.
Via Lower & Wider

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