Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Russian Truck Cross

This is probably the most sensational form of motorsport you'll see today. As the name suggests, Truck Cross is basically rallycross with trucks - and not just any trucks, but hulking, Soviet goliaths, leaping improbably balletically through the mud in a hellstorm of thudding pistons and terrorised hydrocarbons. Lost a wheel? Bonnet blocking your view? Ignore it - it's not a race-ender. If you're mad enough (and let's face it, you'd have to be), you'll just keep ploughing on...
Cargo autocross is a sport with a rich history, stretching way back to 1949; these days, it's the likes of the GAZ-51 and ZIL-130 that square up in the mud, although the GAZ has been around since 1946 so would have been competing right from the start, while the ZIL followed just a decade later. This is old-school motorsport for ex-military types, bored farmers, frustrated mechanics, flamboyant teens, cantankerous old coots... all comers converge to get a little agricultural with one another. And just look how close the spectators are to the track in the video below - the fans are as barmy as the drivers.

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