Thursday, 7 February 2013

Project Top Notch

The third-generation Mustang, based on Ford's Fox platform, isn't many people's favourite Mustang. But as long as tuners continue to do this kind of thing to them, they'll always have a special place in the hearts of the dedicated.
This shiny blue sweetheart is arguably the ultimate Fox Body. The '86 notchback has a five-point-oh Aluminator crate motor with a Vortech supercharger, forged pistons, massive injectors, and an intercooler as big as the radiator in your living room. The handling is pure race-car, with trick double-wishbone, inboard cantilever front suspension and a three-linked rear. Power? Massive. Brakes? Comically huge. Weight? Super-low. And that candy-blue-over-chrome-base paintwork is a work of art.
Read all about it at Speedhunters.

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