Friday, 15 February 2013

Piccolo Diavolo

...meaning 'little devil', of course.
This is a Fiat 500 like no other, a cheeky utilitarian runabout transmogrified into a brutal racecar. It's got a spaceframed chassis underneath and a bespoke body on top, so there's not a whole lot of 500 left in there, but in essence it remains true to Fiat's chic silhouette... it's just rammed full of steroids and shoutiness. The rear clamshell lifts to reveal a 2.0-litre 16v four-pot that produces 190bhp at 7,300rpm; the car weighs about the same as that wheeled trolley your grandma carries her shopping in, making it good for some pretty gobsmacking thrust. That thrust is smeared on to the tarmac via wide, slick-shod rims (6x14" front, 7x14" rear), which sit menacingly beneath those cartoonish fibreglass haunches. It's really very silly indeed, in the best possible way.
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