Thursday, 21 February 2013

mkII Celica Supra XX

A little purple bōsōzoku treat here. A lot of the usual boxes are ticked - massive bolt-on arches, external oil cooler, extreme wheel fitment, extravagant rear spoiler, eyewatering paintjob, aggressive stance - and all applied to a perennial tuner favourite, the mkII Celica Supra XX.
Now, you may have noticed a fair amount of rust on this car - around the arches and filler cap, for example, and dripping a brown stain from the window surrounds. Far from detracting from the car's outlaw aesthetic, I reckon it adds an extra frisson of screw-you-ness. It also suggests that it's an old-school period build, rather than nu-bōsō, which ramps the coolness up further. What do you think of it? Bit Marmite, that's for sure...
Via DOHC Research

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