Monday, 25 February 2013

Mercedes-Benz World

Mercedes-Benz World sits within the historic surroundings of the old Brooklands site in Surrey. It's a free attraction that features all manner of classic Mercedes road cars to admire, as well as various heroic race cars of yore. There's a Formula One area which features a whole host of M-B-powered F1 cars (including an artfully exploded example hanging from the ceiling from dozens of silver threads), while contemporary AMG models are very well represented; the AMG-specific exhibition hall was closed for refurbishment on our visit, but the 'Silver Arrows' display more than made up for it, with the likes of the CLS63, C63 and SLK55 smoking their tyres for the audience outside.
It's a family-friendly place, with a large café and swanky see-through lifts to take you between floors, and there are cheery greeters on the door to tell you where everything is and what time the displays will be happening. There are various things they do that we didn't take advantage of due to having a tiny baby with us - passenger rides, driving experiences etc - but it's good to know they're there, as I'll undoubtedly be popping back in the future. (Did I mention that entry was free...?!) On the whole then, thoroughly recommended. Click here for more details.

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