Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Maverick ur-quattro

Audi's iconic ur-quattro is a maverick, not least in terms of baffling your spellchecker. It's a proper noun, yet 'quattro' is trademarked and stylised with a lower-case 'q', and the prefix 'ur-' is a German device to denote 'proto-'. So 'ur-quattro' is correct, 'Ur-Quattro' isn't.
Grammatical pedantry aside, the quattro we see here is a maverick in all kinds of other ways. Under the bonnet is a whole world of Scandinavian fiddling, including a hybrid KKK26/GT35R turbo, Evo 6 intercooler, 3" straight-through exhaust, 1.9 bar of boost and a fuel pump as big as your face - the upshot of all this is over 500bhp at the wheels.
Oh yes, and those wheels. If you want to truly irritate the purists, going rogue with massive rims is the way to do it. These BBS Le Mans splits measure a girthsome 9x19", which is enough to have the nostalgic Group B fanboys apoplectic with fury. But sod 'em, it looks glorious. A brawny, boisterous rule-breaker, and all the more fun for it.
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