Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Countach 5000 QV '88.5'

While the original 1974 Countach is a timeless exercise in miminalist elegance, there's so much to love about the later models: the bulbous, swollen arches, the dashboard apparently designed by Etch-a-Sketch, the obscene girth of the rear tyres... and this Countach, the 88.5, is arguably the most lovable of them all.
The 5000 QV saw the engine bored and stroked to 5.2-litres, with four valves per cylinder (i.e. 'quattrovalvole', hence 'QV'), and the carbs were shifted from the sides to the top of the engine, creating that massive power bulge on the engine lid. In this guise, the wedgey Lamborghini produced 450bhp, and was able to hit 60mph in 4.1 seconds.
The 88.5 Countach was the 1988 model-year car that included all of the QV upgrades, but preceded the '89 model with its digital climate control and power windows. This particular one was the original car tested at launch by Performance Car magazine, and is one of only 14 RHD cars built to this spec. Until recently, it was on the forecourt of DK Engineering - sorry, though, lottery winners... they've sold it now. Still, click here and have a gawp.

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