Tuesday, 5 February 2013


Ah, the infamous Corvelle... as the name suggests, it's a Chevrolet Chevelle on top, and a Corvette underneath.
This kind of thing has become something of a celebrity-commissioned party piece for West Coast Customs, stuffing modern muscle car internals into retro shells (or, to look at it the other way, stretching classic muscle car bodies over modern chassis). This particular one was commissioned by CSI's Gary Dourdan, taking a 2006 Corvette donor and retrofying it with a '67 Chevelle shell. Of course, this sort of work isn't simply a case of cutting the panels off one car and stitching them onto another - nothing lines up, so there's a huge amount of custom fabrication involved. Which is exactly what WCC are good at.
The build actually took place a few years ago now, but is well worth a revisit - click here to see.

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