Thursday, 7 February 2013

C20LET Kadett C

If you're into the UK retro scene, you'll almost certainly know this car: it's a 1978 Opel Kadett C with a turbocharged 16v twin-cam under the bonnet. And it's no ordinary C20LET either; the turbo is a huge Garrett GT3571, and there's also XE cams, steel rods, Mitsubishi Evo VIII fuelling and a straight-through 3" exhaust; the result of all this is 430bhp being sent to the Reliant Scimitar rear axle via a mkII Jaguar Powerlock diff.
The most noticeable thing from afar, of course, is the ratty aesthetic. Many would turn their noses up at this Kadett, dismissing it as a clapped-out old banger. And they'd be left looking very foolish as this brilliantly engineered and supremely powerful little retro pelted for the horizon with a chirrup from the wastegates and a squeal from the tyres. Magnificent.
Full story at Fast Car.

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