Friday, 1 February 2013

BMW 2002 GT4

The BMW 2002 is a canny choice for the discerning retro car enthusiast who’s after a three-box seventies saloon. While prices are markedly rising, they’re still nowhere near Ford Escort territory (and, one might argue, they’re rather more sophisticated in certain areas – the rear suspension, for example). Of course, as with all classic cars, it’s the rare models that cause the most hubbub – the 2002 Tii is pretty hot property, and the near-mythical Turbo is positively idolised by the classic car community.
Perhaps most rare of all is this, the 2002 GT4. Developed by Pietro Frua, it's a representation of what would happen if a BMW CS were shrunk down to 2002-size; its swooping fastback offered a racier profile than the standard Touring, while the Ti underpinnings offered GT performance to complement the luxurious leather interior. The tail-lights, incongruously, were sourced from an Alfa Romeo 1750 Berlina, and the wheels were lightweight Campagnolos.
Sadly for the GT4, it just wasn't necessary in BMW's line-up, so it remains solely a largely-forgotten concept. Just two were built. Their value? Well, priceless really...
Pic sources: Flickr & Autoblog

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