Thursday, 21 February 2013

'92 Civic V6 '4 Flaco'

The extraordinary looks of this '92 Honda immediately give away the fact that some fairly outrageous modifications have taken place. I mean, the engine's sticking through the bonnet, for a start. And said engine is incongruously huge.
In fact, what's powering this Civic is a 3.2-litre V6 from an Acura TL (which, genetically-speaking, is basically a Honda Accord), mated to an Accord six-speed 'box. And it all had to be this extreme, because the Civic has a story to tell...
The owner, Miguel, was given the car by the parents of his friend Flaco. Flaco had died in a car accident some time previously, and his folks asked Miguel to build the car in a way that would make Flaco proud. So, of course, he had to pull out all the stops.
You can read the full story at Canibeat.

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