Tuesday, 19 February 2013

'67 NSU Prinz 4

Well, here's an interesting thing: applying 'the treatment' to an NSU Prinz makes it look like a baby Chevrolet Corvair...
This 1967 Prinz 4 is a work in progress, and as you can see it's taking a few cues from the air-cooled VW scene, not least in those polished Fuchs alloys. Fitted as standard with a 30bhp 598cc twin, this one's unit has been turbocharged to triple that power figure - more than enough for giggles in a car that weighs just 570kg. (And look how at-home that boost gauge is!) It's sitting 100mm closer to the deck, it has a great bit of rake, and it's a fashionable shade of creamy beige. Very cool.
Remember those pictures of the Hindenburg Dirt Races? These Prinz shots are from the same photographer, Kai Petermann. Click here for more.

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