Monday, 11 February 2013

'51 Shoebox

Well now, here's a gorgeous little thing: an immaculate, restomodded 1951 Ford 'Shoebox' Coupe.
The svelte lines are attributable to it having been sectioned (i.e. a fillet of metal has been removed from the centre of the body all round), and the roof has also been subtly chopped, making it a caricaturistic version of its original self. It's underpinned by a custom frame chassis, and an air-ride system gets that low body even lower. Under the bonnet is a 425ci Buick Nailhead, while the custom interior features Thunderbird seats.
Oh, and you want eclectic detailing? OK, try this: '62 Corvette bumpers, '53 Ford headlights, '49 Ford tail-lights, '55 Chrysler grille bar, '53 Studebaker chin panel, '56 Windsor roof skin... it's an old-school hot rod bitsa, in the best possible way. Sublime.
Via Cats Exotics

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