Thursday, 28 February 2013

1275GT Clubman

Arguably the coolest Mini variant is the 1275GT Clubman, with its functional snub-nose and eager twin-carbed A-Plus engine. It's a focused and purposeful little thing, and the Clubman front really alters the profile of the car to a more up-and-at-'em stance.
This one, which Slam Media are referring to as 'the Bumblebee' for obvious reasons, was built as a father-and-son project from a basket-case of a shell. The father in question is an ex-rally driver, and this is his son's first car; they restored the rotten Mini together in their own garage, repainting it in this eye-catching apian colour scheme. They then treated it to the iconic 1275GT motor, and various other period tweaks such as hi-los, Alleycats, Metro brakes, Group 4 arches and rally spots. The plush interior features leather Cobra buckets, a custom dash and speaker pods, and a set of eighties red braces to hold them in tight. Pretty cool, huh?
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JB said...

Beautiful little car tastefully done. Rather have this than the Ferrari above