Monday, 28 January 2013


Taking trampdrifting to its logical conclusion, this FSO Polonez adds yet further fuel to the 'everything has potential' fire. I mean, had you ever looked at a Polonez and thought 'yeah, that looks like it could be a laugh'? I know I hadn't. But when you think about it, all of the ingredients are there: they're cheap to buy, rear-wheel drive, relatively robust in that sort of Eastern Bloc/austerity manner, styled by Giugiaro (really, I promise that's true) and, best of all, came with a bewilderingly diverse range of engines over the years, from the Ford Pinto to the Peugeot XU diesel. This means that a huge variety of more interesting engines will bolt straight in, depending on which Polonez you buy. One of the factory options was the 1.4-litre Rover K-series which, as you can see here, is easily swapped for the turbocharged 1.8-litre K-series for some cheap RWD thrills.

So, a cool, fun FSO Polonez. Whodathunkit? You can keep up to date with its adventures here.

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33_hertz said...

Hahaha, never thought I'd see a Polonez like this one. Normally, if someone mentions the P word to me, I make the sign of the Cross, but this one is different. :-)