Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Torsion Tuning GT Turbo

This kind of thing really does it for me. Growing up in the hot-hatch nineties, cars like the Renault 5 GT Turbo were king - sitting alongside the Escort RS Turbo and Astra GTE as the ultimate aspirational machines. The 1.4-litre 5 GTT was subject to all sorts of interesting approaches to power upgrades - some people would fit the 1.7-litre engine from a 5 Monaco or a Volvo 340 and strap on a bigger turbo, some would simply wind up the boost on the standard engine until the pistons melted, and some would follow the path that Torsion Tuning did with this one: fit the 1.8-litre F16 engine, as found in the sporty 16v variants of the Clio and 19.
It's so, so nineties, this GTT - from the Morette headlights to the oval bumper vent, the Williams alloys to the rude-boy stereo install, it conjures up memories of seafront cruises and antisocial teenage behaviour. The fact that it's pristine and rust-free reinforces this weird timewarp feel, while the prospect of the howling F16 twin-cam in the featherweight 5 shell sounds like all sorts of fun. Five grand may seem a little steep but hey, try finding a cleaner 5...
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