Friday, 4 January 2013

Tic Tac TT

'What does TT stand for? Take That? TeleTubbies? Tyne-Tees? Ah, Tic Tacs...'
It's a slightly tortured thought process, but it has resulted in a unique and impressive colour scheme on this Audi TT - all pastelly and minty-fresh.
The mint green hue is actually a Porsche shade, and is plastered over a body that's been extensively smoothed. The TT sits enormously low too, thanks to air-ride and a heavily reworked suspension setup. (Shame they didn't do anything about 'the Golf effect' that moves the rear wheels so far forward in the arches, but heigh-ho.)
It may not actually be the full-on racer that the number decals, rollcage and Recaros suggest - power in fact comes from the standard 1.8-litre 20v turbo, offering 180bhp - but in aesthetic terms, it's a winner. Eyecatching, slightly peculiar, very cool. And it makes me want Tic Tacs.
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