Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Superproduction Renault 5

You're probably familiar with the Renault 5 Maxi Turbo - the ultimate iteration of the Group B rally 5 with its pumped-up bodywork and otherworldly thrust. But something a little rarer is this, the Superproduction 5. Just three were built to this specificiation; think of it as a Maxi Turbo that's been honed for circuit racing rather than pounding through forests - great chunks of downforce, hunkered-down suspension, oodles of grip.
Entered into the Championnat de France Superproduction in 1986, it rubbed shoulders with the likes of the equally steroidal and cartoonish Citroën AX and Peugeot 505. Its Garrett T4/T3-boosted 1397cc engine produced 380bhp, expertly smeared over the track via those sticky slicks by Jean-Louis Bousquet and Jean Ragnotti. Scroll down to the video to see it in action along with its peers.
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