Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Semi-lightweight E-Type

Semi-lightweight? What the...?
Don't worry, it does make sense. There were twelve original Works E-Type lightweights built, of which this was not one, although it was subsequently converted to a similar spec (aluminium body panels, Works hard-top, comprehensive drilling, lightening and removal of superfluous parts...). What this car can boast is that it is one of the earliest flat-floor E-Types, and also one of the first privately-owned examples to have been raced from new.
YRP 999 has had a continuous competition history throughout its life, and has been fastidiously and sympathetically maintained; furthermore, it's not some pampered museum piece these days - in six out of the last seven years, it's competed in the TT race at the Goodwood Revival! Impressive stuff.
So, if your EuroMillions numbers come up, this is where you need to click.

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