Monday, 14 January 2013

RE Amemiya Europa

RE Amemiya are a Japanese tuning firm generally associated with Mazdas; indeed, throughout the nineties and noughties the modifying scene was rife with FD RX-7s with 911 headlights, outrageous bodykits and obscene power.
This latest offering, on show at the Tokyo Auto Salon and resplendent in oh-so-nineties red and gold, is their take on the Lotus Europa and, as you can see, it takes more than a few cues from their Mazda work. The smoothed-in 911 headlights, the muscular arches, the advanced aero setup... oh yes, and the triple-rotor 20B rotary engine.
The purists seem to hate it. But I think it's pretty cool.
Pics via MSN JP.

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