Monday, 7 January 2013

Pontiac Grand Prix Turbo McLaren

If I was one of eBay's internal censors, my 'keyword spammer' light would probably have blinked into life when this car was listed, although somewhat incredibly the name 'Pontiac Grand Prix Turbo McLaren' is legit. Looks brilliantly horrible too, doesn't it? (In a sort of unpleasant-enough-to-actually-be-really-cool kind of way, I mean.)
The story goes that the 1988 model-year Pontiac Grand Prix was fettled by a crack squad of corporate modifiers to create something of the same kind of harnessed brutality as the Buick GNX, and employed - among others - McLaren themselves to play about with the drivetrain, while ASC (the excitingly-named American Sunroof Corporation) dealt with the aero improvements. What resulted was a hand-built luxury four-seater with a substantial intercooled turbo setup and around 300bhp.
So, this is the cheapest quasi-credible way to get yourself into a McLaren this week. Click here and throw a bid in...

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