Friday, 25 January 2013

Peugeot 405 Mi16 Supertourisme

The French Supertourisme series of the nineties was sort of like the British Touring Car Championship with the extreme-ness cranked up a few notches. There's a lot of mystery and witchcraft surrounding just how the European cars were more developed than their UK-spec Super Touring brethren - suffice it to say, the Supertourisme cars were rather more powerful and a lot more competitive. Indeed, it's rumoured that Peugeot Sport UK attempted to procure a French-spec racer for the 1994 season, but were blocked by their Parisian bosses. This was probably for the best really, as the liberal French approach to engine development within the rules may have differed somewhat to the MSA's viewpoint...
This particular 405 Supertourisme was actually originally an Italian Superturismo racer, with an OBIS-built engine producing 300bhp. It's an ex-Fabrizio Giovanardi car which, after the 1993 season, moved to France to take the Supertourisme trophy at the hands of Laurent Aiello in '94.
It was up for auction via Artcurial last July, but didn't sell. You can learn more here.

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