Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Monteverdi 375 High Speed

Swiss precision, Italian style, a Chrysler 440 with a six-pack... is this the perfect GT?
Built from 1967-70, the 375 High Speed was designed by Frua and built by Fissore, and offered 375bhp from its 7.2-litre Chrysler Magnum V8 (hence the '375' name). Peter Monteverdi, running the company from Binningen in Switzerland, followed the same pattern as his GT contemporaries Iso, Bizzarrini, and Facel-Vega - he drew up a steel rectangular-section chassis, commissioned a flamboyant Italian designer to clothe it in gorgeous bodywork, then shoehorned in a few cubic yards of Detroit horsepower. It looked kind of like an Aston Martin DBS that had been worked over by Pininfarina, and was aimed squarely at the Jensen Interceptor (also packing Chrysler 440 power). Wonderful, isn't it?
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