Monday, 14 January 2013

Low Lapin

There's a lot of choice in the JDM Kei car market, from the retro-styled to the bang-up-to-date. One of the stars of the former camp is the Suzuki Lapin (also badged as the Mazda Spiano), which is a functional little Postman Pat van shape with a few old-school touches; chrome grille, body-colour dash, old school double-DIN stereo and so forth.
The one we see here was spotted by in the car park at Slammed Society Japan 2012, sporting a substantially lowered ride height, a set of Rota rims, a beefy centre-exit exhaust, and an artfully distressed bonnet bearing a giraffe-print pattern that echoes the one on the rear window. Pretty cool, I reckon. No clues as to spec, so let's hope it's the turbocharged version...


CianHa said...

I want one of these, preferrable with the Ancel Lapin Renault 4 style grilles… [img][/img]

juice said...

Yes, that's a very cool addition.