Monday, 21 January 2013

Lincoln Stuntinental

What are the key attributes of a stunt car? Agility? Poise? A lightness of touch? All of this would make the barge-like Lincoln Continental quite an odd choice, no?
That's not really the way it works, of course - if a script demands a Continental that drifts, pirouettes and leaps tall buildings in a single bound, then that is what must be built. And so we see here a '67 Lincoln that's studded with surprises. Star of the movie Hit & Run, it features over 700bhp, a kerb-weight of two and a half tons, a 520ci Ford big-block V8, adjustable coilovers, and some very complicated Wilwood brakes behind those 20" rims. A graceful and agile old barge, then.
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