Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Jensen Viperceptor

The Jensen Interceptor is, for some, the ultimate classic sports car: luxury, refinement, British class in spades, and brutish American muscle under the bonnet. The Interceptor R, which you may be familiar with, surfaced recently offering retro Jensen styling with modern power and reliability - replacing the old Chrysler V8 with a modern Chevrolet LS3, installing unique IRS and six-pot brakes, and so on. But the Viperceptor is a whole other level of glorious absurdity...
Built up from a 1973 mkIII Interceptor, this is arguably the ultimate modern interpretation of the breed: under the bonnet resides a 630bhp V10 from a Dodge Viper - the clue was in the name, wasn't it? - while the drivetrain is suitably beefed up to suit. A caricaturistic approach has been taken to the exterior, featuring bespoke 20" wheels, Chrysler 300C headlights, Fiesta mirrors and suchlike, while the interior is a thoroughly modern place to be, trimmed in opulent leather and featuring all of the toys you'd expect in a new sports car. Impressive, no?
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