Monday, 21 January 2013

Ford Laser TX3

This is a car we never had in the UK; 'Laser' to British Ford fans is little more than a Capri trim level. But the Ford Laser is a big deal in Australia (and Canada, and Mexico, and all across Asia) - it's basically a rebadged and lightly reworked Mazda 323, meaning hardy Japanese tech and endless tunability.
This Australian Laser represents the flagship of the range, the TX3, which was available with bucket seats, satin-chrome alloys and air-con. This one, as you can see, has been extensively modified, with a full rollcage, a sodding great turbo, bigger rims with sticker rubber, and a whole world of engine work. There's about 420bhp at the wheels, which is not to be sniffed at. Click here for more...

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Sonic M Righlon said...

But we at least had the Ford Escort!