Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Custom Golf R

This is one of those enormously detailed and in-depth builds that you come across every now and then - a car in which pretty much everything has been modified in some way or another, and yet its over-arching subtlety makes it seem like little more than a drop-and-rims job to the uninitiated.
The body has a fair whack of added girth thanks to its Audi Allroad arches, which have been bonded on to give sufficient clearance for those lipstick red 20" Rotiform NUEs. The frozen-effect paint, which most would probably assume is a vinyl wrap, is actually a matt topcoat over a Ferrari Tungsten Silver base, while the supercar accents continue with the Aventador-inspired exhaust. The suspension is an Air Lift setup, with a hell of a lot of thought put into the geometry - look how the rear arches sit between the tyre and wheel lip!
There are countless other custom touches too, the spec really is impressive. See StanceNation for more.

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