Monday, 28 January 2013

Concours 205 GTI

As you may have heard me banging on about before, I'm a huge fan of the 205 GTI. I've owned four of them over the years and would love another one day; indeed, it's near the top of my lottery wishlist (alongside a few dozen other cars).
...and this particular one has just muscled every other GTI on the market aside, landing sqaurely in my affections as the one. I don't think I've ever actually seen a real GTI on a B-plate before - the original owner ordered it in May 1984, and waited until August in order to have a B-prefix registration. So this has to be one of the earliest surviving 205 GTIs today - the fact that it's pristine is a bonus. In fact, after only covering 45,000 miles, it's been subject to a fastidious, concours-standard rebuild.
I want this. I want this really quite badly. If you're obscenely wealthy and have some money to spare, how about making a racy, black, shiny donation to SuckSqueezeBangBlow? You need but to click here...

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