Friday, 4 January 2013

510 SSS

There must have been a lot of these Datsun 510s squirrelled away in people's garages over the years, as there are a huge number of them coming out of the woodwork of late, reworked as retro tarmac-assailants like this. They're the JDM enthusiast's mkII Escort.

This one's received a thorough body resto (including a whole new roof to eradicate an ill-advised aftermarket sunroof), chasing out all of the tinworm and setting everything arrow-straight. Under the bonnet - as you may well have spotted - is a Nissan SR20DET, the turbocharged unit often found in the Silvia, 200SX and the like, and a popular choice on the modern JDM scene. (To stretch the mkII Escort analogy, this is the equivalent of fitting a YB...) There's a huge set of Wilwoods behind those Work Equips to keep everything honest, while the Cobra Classic buckets stop the driver and passenger from sliding about all over the place. Lovely job.
See Solo for more.

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