Friday, 14 December 2012

W124 + Planes = Awesome

There's a surefire way to make a car shoot spectacular: get a load of random old aeroplanes into the frame. It's a trick we tried at Retro Cars recently (Southend airport and a Pro-Street mkI Escort), and there's further proof right here: this shoot from the hilariously-named Polish blog Raceism gives off a wonderful vibe of mystery mixed with aggression.
The planes are, of course, Polish Air Force planes. The logo on the Mercedes W124's door is of the Polish Air Force. And the Merc itself is very shiny and very low. There you go, you're all caught up.
Click here for more.

...and a few shots without planes. Y'know, so you can see what it looks like when it's not surrounded by planes.

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